Jul 4, 2015

Coffee Lam(林芊妤) Seen On A Date With Hulking Man

Coffee Lam(林芊妤) became an overnight sensation after she was caught having a "gathering" in a handicapped bathroom with the so-called boyfriend last year. Although she didn't get fired from TVB after the matter, she actually has gotten more work by making fun of herself over her gathering incident. Since then, she has been saying she's so busy that she doesn't have time to date. However, she was seen out of a date with a hulking man in recent days.

On that particular day at 3 pm, Coffee was out at a mall in Kowloon with a huge man. Coffee strolled through several name brand stores and ended up with a huge bag of various items. While the hulking man was seen helping her carry a new pair of shoes for her.

Afterward, the two dropped by a nearby movie theater to watch a movie together. Before heading inside, the attentive male friend took her to get some snacks and two appeared to be having a great time. Coffee was shocked when she found out she was being followed by paparazzi. After she gathered herself, she waved back and smiled at the paparazzi. While the male friend didn't want to appeared on camera and tried to distance himself from her. (

Claims Hulking Man Is Just A Regular Friend
After Coffee was seen on a date, she explained to the paparazzi that they are not in a relationship together: "He's just a regular friend. We are just going to watch a movie." When asked where will they be going afterward, Coffee said: "I am not feeling so well. I am having my period. I am heading back home after movie." She told the paparazzi not to follow them anymore and quickly rushed inside the movie theater.

Coffee Lam(林芊妤) Seen On A Date With Hulking Man

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