Jul 21, 2015

Edison Chen(陳冠希)'s Face Turns Sour After Spotting Reporters

After using the phrase "u seem like fun" to flirt with a girl on Instagram backfired, Edison appeared at Maison Kitsune's opening event celebration at Causeway Bay last night.

In recent years, Edison has been focusing of managing his fashion business and hasn't been working much in the entertainment world. Earlier, he was mocked by netizens for looking old and worn out. With his heavy eye bags and swollen face, he definitely didn't look as good in comparison to when he was in his prime.

After Edison spotted reporters at the event, his face immediately turned sour. He left the place within 10 minutes after speaking with his friends. It appeared as if he was worried about getting his pictures taken by reporters. (

Many celebrities were also at the event including Hilary Tsui(徐濠縈), Gilbert Yeung(楊其龍), Elvina Kong(江欣燕)'s ex-husband Jackson Ng(吳積遜),  Amanda S., Rosemary and her fiancé Jason, and many others. The scene at the celebration event was crowded.

Edison Chen(陳冠希)'s Face Turns Sour After Spotting Reporters

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