Jul 23, 2015

G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) Publishes Official MV To New Song 'HEARTBEAT(新的心跳)'

Singer G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) recently released her all new single titled "HEARTBEAT(新的心跳)" on July 13th, 2015. The song is composed & written by G.E.M. herself and arranged & produced by Lupo Groinig. Earlier today, she also published the official music video for the new song onto YouTube.

In only a few short days, G.E.M.'s new song "HEARTBEAT" has already grabbed top spots on various charts. She even traveled to Los Angeles to film the MV of this new song and invited renown Hollywood director Hannah Lux Davis to help craft a unique music video for this upbeat song. G.E.M. even uglified herself by dressing up as a nerdy girl in the music video, she said: "Embracing your own strengths and weaknesses can jump start your own heartbeat. This is the message that I want to convey in this song!"

When talked about her inspiration for the song, she said: "If every heartbeat is new, then why don't we follow the beats in our hearts to change ourselves to embrace the challenges in our lives. You will know that all the hardships will actually make yourself stronger in the end.  G.E.M. is using her own experiences to motivate everyone: "Follow the beats in your heart to take that one step in your life!"

G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) Publishes Official MV To New Song 'HEARTBEAT(新的心跳)'

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