Jul 15, 2015

Jess Sum(沈卓盈) Admits To Breaking Up With Financial Elite Boyfriend

According to a magazine report, actress Jess Sum(沈卓盈) broke up with her financial elite boyfriend Ray Mak(麥偉汶) last month. In fact, the two were rumored to have a big fight in the parking lot of Ray's residence earlier in April. At the time, it is said Ray lost control of himself and smashed the windshield of Jess's MINI Cooper with a tennis racket. In the end, he bought a second hand BMW for Jess as an apology.

During a promotional event for a TVB variety show today, Jess admitted to the report of her breaking up with boyfriend, she said: "I've always live at home and I would only spend time at boyfriend's place every once in awhile. Yes, we have broken things up peacefully. The reason is our personalities don't match. I am trying to focus on work at this point of my life. In these past two years, we found out that our values and philosophies in life are different so we decided to go our separate ways.

When asked if she currently has any pursuers, she said: "I've always have pursuers. I am monogamous when I am dating. I can probably consider some of them now. So anyone interested? Come on up! Hahaha! But I am just going to let things happen naturally." (

Actually, Jess already hinted on the breakup in one of her posts on Weibo last night: "It's destiny that we meet each other in this life time. Even if you are just a guest, I want to have to this gratitude to appreciate the past and look forward into the future. Life is truly a beautiful thing. I am sending you my regards here."

Jess Sum(沈卓盈) Admits To Breaking Up With Financial Elite Boyfriend

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