Jul 1, 2015

Kayi Cheung(張嘉兒) About To Get Her Master Degree And Get Married!

The soon-to-be bride Kayi Cheung(張嘉兒) will be getting married to her financial elite boyfriend Nate in September. The busy Kayi has been busy making preparation for her upcoming wedding. Earlier today, she went to try out Chinese bridal gown but she was having trouble deciding which dress to pick. So she decided to ask netizens to help her out: "Please take a look? Is the first one or the second one better for me? Hohohoho!"  Netizens said she looks pretty no matter what she wears!

After trying out bridal gown, she then went straight to turn in her homework at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Actually, she's simultaneously celebrating two happy events. Besides getting married, she's about almost done with her classes for her master degree and she's turning in her last assignment today: "Bye bye Chinese University of Hong Kong! I am really thankful for this year. That's because I am celebrating two things at once! Don't worry, I am not pregnant. After I turn in my last assignment, I will be done with my degree in Master of Public Health! I am about to graduate! yeah yeah yeah! Yuppie,happppie!" She also posted pictures with her assignment and appeared to be proud of her accomplishment.

Kayi Cheung(張嘉兒) About To Get Her Master Degree And Get Married!

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