Jul 23, 2015

Miss HK Contestant Louisa Mak(麥明詩) Accidentally Shows Off Pubic Hair At Event

The 12 finalists for "2015 Miss Hong Kong Pageant(香港小姐競選)" appeared in swimsuits for the first time in front of the media. The favorite to the pageant competition's Louisa Mak(麥明詩) appeared to have lost quite a bit of weight and accidentally showed off her pubic hair at the event!

When asked if she's aware her pubic hair is showing, she was appalled by her carelessness. After she regained her composure, she said: "I hope everyone can stop focusing on that matter. I already tried my best to avoid the situation but accidents do happen. (Did something like this happened to you when you were in Japan?) I know I am careless. I will pay more attention in the future." (

Out of the 12 finalists, Louisa appeared to be the thinnest. When asked if she thinks she's too thin, she said: "There are different types of beauties. I do eat healthy but I know I am on the thinner side. (Are you under a lot of stress?) I am okay. I feel more relaxed than before. (Did you consider gaining weight?) I've tried but I wasn't successful. (Does you family sympathize with you?) Yes... especially my mom. (Do you feel the swimsuit for today was a bit on the boring side?) It's good to be more conservative. There will be more surprises later on." When mentioned her old swimsuit pictures have been floating around online, she said: "I am surprised too. I deleted them when I signed up for the pageant competition."

Miss HK Contestant Louisa Mak(麥明詩) Accidentally Shows Of Pubic Hair At Event

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