Jul 21, 2015

Natalie Tong(唐詩詠) Rumored To Be Living Together With Tony Hung(洪永城)

At the time when Natalie Tong(唐詩詠) was still dating Amigo Choi(崔建邦), Natalie stayed silent and continued to stay by his side even after he was caught cheating behind her back several times With Amigo falling for a model named Kelly Chen(陳嘉莉) 14 years his junior and Natalie hitting it off with Tony Hung(洪永城), the two's bitter relationship is officially in the past behind them. According to sources, Natalie has moved on to the point where she's currently living together with Tony Hung.

Last year, Natalie and Tony hit it off after filming the drama series "Rear Mirror(載得有情人)" together. Tony would often praise Natalie in public. Although Natalie reiterated that she needs some time to get to know each other first, the two were actually already dating at the time. According to the latest rumor mills, it it said Natalie is already living at Tony's place. Earlier, Tony was talking to staff about his girlfriend: "I feel she's really fun when she's outside but she's a completely different person at home." Afterward, everyone questioned him if he's actually living together with Natalie. Tony knew he said something he shouldn't have said and kept quiet. (

While Natalie's ex Amigo also has moved on, his girlfriend Kelly has already moved in to live with him in his residence in Kowloon Peak. In recent days, the two were seen enjoying coffee with friends at a coffee shop. Afterward, Amigo slipped and fell due to the slippery ground from the rain. Kelly then quickly helped him up. The two ended up getting some fresh fruits and headed back home together.

Natalie Tong(唐詩詠) Rumored To Be Living Together With Tony Hung(洪永城)

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