Jul 21, 2015

Rainky Wai(蔚雨芯)'s Voluptuous Figure Captivates Attention In TVB Game Show

Chin Ka Lok(錢嘉樂), Grasshopper(草蜢), and Sammy Leung(森美)'s new TVB game show "The Million Dollar Minute(超強選擇1分鐘)" suffered a setback due to server issue on the first day. Last night, they continued the live show and have people vote online in one of the most interactive game shows in Hong Kong history. Host China Ka Lok also led the beautiful female guests in a inflatable swim float race.

Beautiful female guests Jeana Ho(何佩瑜) and Rainky Wai(蔚雨芯) were in a private swimming pool getting ready for their race. Rainky Wai(蔚雨芯) wore a cute bikini to the event, while Jeana was more conservative in the way she dressed. During the race, Rainky tried her very best to paddle her float to the finish line. On the other hand, Jeana didn't move an inch and was just spinning in the water.

Although Rainky was fast, she almost lost her balance and fell into the pool. With the help of an assistant, she was able to get back up and finished the race. In the end, Rainky still beat Jeana after her little accident.

After the race was over, Rainky claimed she usually doesn't wear bikini to event: "The last time I wore a bikini was when I was filming for the movie 'Mermaid(美人魚)'. I always said that I won't dress sexy just the sake of looking sexy. Just like today, it was very normal for me to be wearing a bikini to a water sports event. (Did you keep yourself in shape for today?) Yes, that's only because I've accepted a slimming & beauty commercial! Even if my mom cooked me nine dishes at home, I still wouldn't have the guts to eat. It's very easy for girls to have swelling."

Rainky Wai(蔚雨芯)'s Voluptuous Figure Captivates Attention In TVB Game Show

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