Jul 1, 2015

Selena Li(李施嬅) Rumored To Have Declined Lead Role For Love

The currently 34 years old popular actress Selena Li(李施嬅/李詩韻) has been working with TVB
for close to 12 years. Although her career may be stagnant and unfulfilling playing mostly minor characters in drama series, she has had quite an interesting love life. Besides her ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang(鄧健泓), all her exes were good looking and rich. With Selena entering marriage age, it is said she has been slowly easing out from acting to focus on her relationship.

According to a report from a magazine today, Selena has already moved into her boyfriend Christopher Hodgson(潘樹維)'s place after dating with him for a year and sees him as her marriage partner. There was a rumor about Christopher's family wanted their future daughter-in-law to keep a low profile in the public view. Therefore, Selena has decided to ease out from acting. (

With the care and support from her boyfriend, Selena has been driving his boyfriend's Volkswagen around. Even though she publicly admitted her relationship with Christopher on Weibo last year, she also deleted that particular post to get on the good side of her boyfriend's family.

As stated by the report, Selena has also been spending time to learn more about her boyfriend's hobby. Christopher is known as the Chairman for the Hong Kong Underwater association so Selena would go diving with him whenever she can. It is said Selena even declined a lead role in a drama series to be together with her boyfriend instead. However, with her boyfriend having businesses in both Hong Kong and the US, he would sometimes need to travel around and leave Selena alone. As a result, Selena is pretty much living a lifestyle close to that of a housewife. (

Despite Selena doing her best to decline drama series, there is no way TVB would let her do whatever she wants. Ultimately, she accepted a minor role in Lawrence Ng(吳啟華) and Lai Lok Yi(黎諾懿)'s new drama series "Presumed Accident(純熟意外)". It is said her part would only take 3 weeks to film. With Selena getting older, it makes sense for her to prioritize her relationship over career!

Selena Li(李施嬅) Rumored To Have Declined Lead Role For Love

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