Jul 22, 2015

Sherming Yiu(姚樂怡) Indirectly Admits To Being Pregnant

Sherming Yiu(姚樂怡)'s good friends such as Angela Tong(湯盈盈), Janet Chow(周家蔚), and Annie Man(文頌嫻) all became mothers a long time ago. Sherming will soon be becoming a mother herself too. During an interview with reporter, she indirectly admitted to being pregnant. She claimed fans noticed her weight gain from the pictures she shared online and some even suspected her of being pregnant.

When asked if she has been pregnant for about two months now, she said: "I will tell you guys later! Just wait a little bit more then I will be able to announce the news." When pushed if the pregnancy was all part of the plan, she replied in the same manner: "I will tell you guys a little bit later!" When mentioned some of her fans have shape eyes, she remarked: "I am usually pretty fit! So it's noticeable when I gained a little bit of weight."

Sherming Yiu(姚樂怡) Indirectly Admits To Being Pregnant

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