Jul 5, 2015

Shirley Yeung(楊思琦) Considers Filming Commercial With Daughter

Former Miss Hong Kong winner Shirley Yeung(楊思琦) attended a motorcycle parade event function. She claimed she doesn't have much opportunity to ride a motorcycle: "I actually have a lot of experience riding bicycle. In fact, I wanted to get a motorcycle license before because it would make traveling more convenient. (Aren't you scared of being dangerous?) I told my mom about it but she said no to me. I think it's nice to learn new things in life."

Shirley revealed she has been busy filming for a TV pet program. With her being a pet lover, she has been having a lot of fun filming: "I would interview celebrity friends to talk about their pets and their memories with them. We would also talk about common diseases to let the audience learn more about their pets. (Do you have pets?) I don't have pets now. At one point, I used to have seven pugs but they are no longer with me now." (

When mentioned about her 3 years old daughter Krystal Yeung(楊卓穎), Shirley indicated that her daughter has been talking more and more now. Shirley said: "She knows I need to go to work. She told me 'Mommy, I also want to go to work'. If the situation is suitable for her, I may bring her in. But probably not for TV program. I told her 'You are too young, you need to go to school first'. (Did she ever appear in front of camera before?) She never did. Maybe later. (Would you consider filming commercial with your daughter?) It's something to consider. Little kid needs to go out and experiences different things."

Shirley Yeung(楊思琦) Considers Filming Commercial With Daughter

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