Jul 22, 2015

Vivian Lai(黎瑞恩) Reveals To Have Two Inoperable Tumors In Pancreas

The currently 41 years old Vivian Lai(黎瑞恩) divorced his husband Ricky Tsang(曾智明) last year after she found out about her husband's extra-marital affair with a girl in Mainland China. The newly divorced Vivian was crying everyday and even had a few visits with a psychologist. With the help of her good friend Winnie Lau(劉小慧), Vivian was able to overcome her resentment and grudges against her ex-husband.  However, according to a report from magazine, it is said Vivian recently discovered out she has two inoperable tumors in her pancreas that she can't do anything about.

According to the magazine, Vivian immediately moved out from home with her kids after she found out about her ex-husband has a mistress in China. She claimed to feel miserable during an interview at the time of her divorce: "I would ask myself questions all the time. What did I do wrong? How come I wasn't good enough for him? After what happened, there's no reason for us to be together anymore. But how did the 10 years relationship turned into this mess. Sometimes I would get angry over the matter but at the same time I would also think he wasn't all that bad. I didn't know what to think." Initially, she thought she would feel better after the divorce. But she would cry alone in the middle of night thinking about the past. In the end, she decided to see a psychologist for her emotional issues.

After Vivian overcame her psychological problems, she went to have a physical exam earlier in May this year. The reason for the physical was because she was feeling pain all over and couldn't swallow her food. It turned out that Vivian has two 1.5cm tumors in her pancreas. However, the doctor told her that they can't do anything to the tumors except to have them checked out every 3 months: "It's tough. They are inoperable. They are connected to too many tissues." After the diagnosis, Vivian felt a sense of calmness inside and she didn't even cry: "If I am going to die, then I will die. There's nothing to be scared!" However, Vivian decided not to tell her kids and hoped that her tumors will going away on their own. (

Vivian revealed that it is more important for her to control her emotion than her tumors: "I treat everyday like my last day then I won't have any regrets. I want to wake up and spend everyday with a smile."

Vivian Lai(黎瑞恩) Reveals To Have Two Inoperable Tumors In Pancreas

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