Aug 18, 2015

'4 Amigos Bon Voyage(4個小生去旅行)' Debuts to Strong Ratings

TVB's traveling program "4 Amigos Bon Voyage(4個小生去旅行)" has been widely talked about after Patrick Tse(謝賢) slapped Kenneth Tsang(曾江) during the press conference. The debut of the program received a high ratings of 26 points with 1.68 millions viewers watching. The result was much better than the debut of "3 Amigos Bon Voyage(3個小生去旅行)" that was aired back in 2013.

Patrick accepted an interview from reporters and claimed to be surprise at the strong start of the show: "Really? (Did you watch?) Not yet, it's very easy to watch the show online nowadays. (Are you satisfied with the result?) I hope it will continue to have good ratings! (Do you expect the show to reach 30 points in ratings?) I have no expectation. The most important thing is the viewers are enjoying the show!"

In addition, when mentioned there was a huge explosion in Bangkok, Thailand, Patrick revealed his ex-wife Deborah Lee(狄波拉) has safely returned back to Hong Kong: "The explosion was a tragic incident. (Did Deborah return from Thailand?) She should be back in Hong Kong!"

'4 Amigos Bon Voyage(4個小生去旅行)' Debuts to Strong Ratings

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