Aug 18, 2015

Lesley Chiang(姜麗文) Admits Breakup With Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘)

Lesley Chiang(姜麗文) and her older brother Benji Chiang(姜文杰) attended the premiere for the ending of the drama series "Hidden Faces(三面形醫)". Lesley is playing John Chiang(姜大偉)'s daughter in the drama series but she's actually his niece in real life, she said: "I am happy to be able to film with uncle John. But it's strange calling him dad in the drama. In fact, I was never nervous. It was very relaxing filming with my uncle." While Benji revealed he just recently finished filming a Chinese movie with his dad Paul Chun(秦沛) in China.

When mentioned there was a rumor floating around that Lesley hasn't been in touch with Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘) for several years, she said with teary eyes: "We have broken up for a long time. It's been a few years. As for the reason, I won't talk about it. We've moved on already." (

After she regained her composure, she continued: "Can you guys just give us some space. It's in the past. There's no need to talk about it." Immediately, Lesley walked away from reporters. Benji then said: "She's probably feeling sad thinking about my character. In fact, I haven't seen Fred for a long time too."

On the other hand, Fred appeared at the radio station to promote his upcoming concert. When mentioned Lesley was crying when she revealed she has broken up with Fred, he said: "It's true. We've broken up and we haven't been in touch for a while" When asked about the reason for the breakup, Fred didn't seem to talk about it: "It was a mutual breakup. At this moment of our lives, we are both trying to concentrate on work."

Lesley Chiang(姜麗文) Admits Breakup With Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘)

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