Aug 5, 2015

Cantonese Opera Legend Lam Kar Sing(林家聲) Passes Away At 82YO

Cantonese opera legend Lam Kar Sing(林家聲) fainted at his Kowloon Tong residence at 9:52 pm last night on August 4th, 2015. He was pronounced dead after he was taken to Kwong Wah Hospital. He was 82 years old.

Lam Kar Sing's birth name was Lam Man Shun(林曼純). In 1962, he married Hong Dou Zi(紅荳子) and gave birth to two sons Lam Yun Sang(林潤笙) and Lam Yun Tim(林潤添) respectively. In 1965, he founded "Chung San Sing Cantonese Opera Group(頌新聲粵劇團)" and created over 40 popular Cantonese opera plays. His students included Lam Kam Tong(林錦堂), Joyce Koi(蓋鳴暉) and many others.

Lam Kar Sing retired from the Cantonese opera world in 1993 and migrated to Canada with his family. He was diagnosed with Parkinson during his later years. In 2009, he returned back to Hong Kong after the death of his wife and continued to help promote Cantonese opera to young people. In 2011, he held an exhibition showcasing over 2,000 pieces of his Cantonese opera collectibles. In  January of 2014, he appeared to be in good health during his birthday banquet. His older sister, younger sister, and his son Lam Yun Sang's family all returned back to Hong Kong from Canada to celebrate the day with him. (

Lam Kar Sing's student Chow Chun Kay(周振基) accepted a phone interview from reporter earlier today: "We were eating dinner together. He was still okay at around 9 pm. Suddenly, he lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. He was later pronounced dead at 11:13 pm by the doctors."

In addition, Lam Kar Sing had two sons. The older son Lam Yun Sang is currently working in Canada in the Cantonese opera world. While his younger son  Lam Yun Tim passed away in 2003 from charcoal burning suicide.

Cantonese Opera Legend Lam Kar Sing(林家聲) Passes Away At 82YO

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