Aug 4, 2015

Fala Chen(陳法拉) Wishes Ex-Husband Daniel Sit(薛世恒) On Finding New Love Soon

Fala Chen(陳法拉)'s ex-husband Daniel Sit(薛世恒) has been involved in various romance rumors in recent days. He was seen having dinner dates with Cathy Leung(梁雨恩) and Yu Chiu(趙頌茹) on separate occasions. During an interview at the "Juicy Couture 2015 Autumn Winter Collection VIP Party", Fala openly wished ex-husband on finding new love soon: "People need to look forward to the future instead of the past. We are both still friends. We still have contact with each other. I hope he can be happy."

Fala is currently living in the US taking acting classes. However, she would still return to China to film commercials every once in a while. When asked if she has been paying attention to her ex's love life, she said: "I do pay attention. I hope he can be happy. He's a good man. I hope he can find a good girl soon."

Fala also disclosed that she's currently single. When asked if she has any pursuers, she said: "Haha.. ok la.. I am a girl after all but I still haven't met the right person yet. (Are you being too choosy?) Not at all. It will all depend of fate." (
Furthermore, Fala said she hopes to stay in Hong Kong next year to film more drama series. Regarding the rumors that a lot of actresses are leaving TVB, Fala admitted that she was invited by TVB to film dramas but her schedule didn't match. When asked if she will accept TVB's offer if there's a good drama, she said: "Probably not in the near future."

Fala Chen(陳法拉) Wishes Ex-Husband Daniel Sit(薛世恒) On Finding New Love Soon

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