Aug 4, 2015

Jessica Hsuan(宣萱) Doesn't Plan On Returning To TVB Anytime Soon

Actress Jessica Hsuan(宣萱) appeared at an old tenement building to film a fire fighting drama series for HKTV.

During an interview, she revealed she's playing a paramedic in the drama series: "I am so happy I was able to wear the uniform for an entire day yesterday. (Is filming tiring?) It's not that bad playing as a paramedic. I do save people in the drama. I am actually learning first aid techniques with an actual paramedic on set." But she also indicated that she feels disappointed that the filming is over: "These firefighters were telling us that this is going to be the last series because we did all the stories from saving animals to rescuing people from building fire. This is probably the end unless there are some other interesting stories for us to film." (

When mentioned there are a lot of actresses leaving TVB, Jessica was asked if she will make a return back to TVB to film drama series again, she said: "My schedule is fully booked until the end of the year already. I will think about it later on because I really don't have the time now. I mean if TVB is specifically looking for me and there's a good story, I will probably do it. I only left because of contract issues before. I am currently filming for drama series that I am only interested in. This drama I am filming right now is about fire fighting so I accepted the offer immediately."

Jessica Hsuan(宣萱) Doesn't Plan On Returning To TVB Anytime Soon

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