Aug 25, 2015

Martial Arts Legend Gordon Liu(劉家輝) Celebrates 64th Birthday

Martial arts legend Gordon Liu(劉家輝) suffered from a stroke 4 years ago and caused him to become paralyzed from the waist down. He's still currently recovering at the nursing home. Gordon's 64th birthday was on August 22nd and his friends took him out for dim sum and to eat his favorite food roasted duck leg!

Fan Yik Man (樊亦敏) responded to reporters via WhatsApp: "I wasn't in Hong Kong at the time so his friends took him out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. He wants to be happy and be healthy for his birthday wishes. He's satisfied with everything in his life right now." Fan Yik Man also revealed he picked out his own clothes for his birthday outing. (

When asked about master Gordon's current health condition, Fan Yik Man said: "Master Gordon can speak clearly now. Even the doctors are happy with his progress. All his friends are happy to see him getting better and better every day. He also watches a lot of TV at the nursing home including
"4 Amigos Bon Voyage(4個小生去旅行)". He said he wants to travel after watching the show. We have plans to go to Lantau Island because he can't travel far in this current condition."

Regarding the incident that Patrick Tse(謝賢) slapped Kenneth Tsang(曾江), Fan Yik Man also asked Master Gordon if there's bad blood between them, she said: "Master Gordon was smirking after I asked him that question."

Martial Art Legend Gordon Liu(劉家輝) Celebrates 64th Birthday

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