Aug 29, 2015

Pageant Contestant Ada Pong(龐卓欣) Doesn't Think Her Clubbing Past Will Affect Her

Pageant contestant number 4 Ada Pong(龐卓欣) appeared at TVB city to rehearse for the swimsuit event for the upcoming "2015 Miss Hong Kong Pageant(2015香港小姐競選)" earlier today. During an interview with the media, she appeared to be tired due to her packed schedule for the pageant final competition: " I've always had allergy and dark circles under my eyes. It's just that I didn't cover them up completely with makeup today. (Are you not as sharp today?) I don't think so! When the going gets tough, the tough get going! (Are you confident?) A bit but I am also prepared I may get knocked out in the competition!"

When mentioned she was revealed to like going clubbing to meet guys, Ada admitted it was all in the past and that she has stopped gong clubbing: "It's been a long while since last I went clubbing! That was so many years ago! I think it was back in 2011. (Did you stop going clubbing because of Miss Hong Kong?) No, that was in the past. I like to stay home and watch TV now. I would go out to drink with friends every once in a while. (The report said you like to hug guys!) I am a passionate person. Beside male friends, I also have a lot of female friends! (Do you feel you are getting punked?) I don't know. I don't even have some of these pictures. (Are you angry?) No, I didn't do anything wrong. I was just hanging out with friends. (Do you think it will affect how people is going to vote for you?) I am not worried. I just letting people see the real me. Plus all that was in the past." (

When asked who's her biggest rival in the competition, Ada admitted it's going to be her old classmate contestant number 1 Louisa Mak(麥明詩): "We have the same background. She's good at dancing. I am good at singing. She's more rational. I am more perceptual. (How are you going to beat her?) The important thing is to win against yourself. (Are you prepared?) I am carrying my pillow around so I can rest whenever I can!"

Pageant Contestant Ada Pong(龐卓欣) Doesn't Think Her Clubbing Past Will Affect Her

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