Aug 25, 2015

Sammy Sum(沈震軒) Being Frozen By Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) Due To His Playboy Image?

As golden manager Paco Wong(黃柏高)'s favorite artiste, Sammy Sum(沈震軒)'s popularity has been on the rise in recent years and he also recently just released a music album. However, according to a latest magazine report today, it is said Sammy doesn't have the support of Sun Entertainment Culture Limited's CEO Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) due to his public playboy image. Even as Paco's favorite artiste, Sammy is being asked to stop all his entertainment activities until further notice.

Paco has been giving various opportunities to Sammy since he signed an artiste contract with Sun Entertainment Culture Limited back in 2013. Paco would bring Sammy to various public events so people from around the entertainment industry could get to know him. Ever since then, Sammy has been receiving more work from TVB and even appeared in popular drama series such as "Line Walker(使徒行者)" and "Young Charioteers(衝線)".

As stated by the report, it is said Chau Cheok Wa suddenly put in a request to Paco to temporarily stop taking job offers for Sammy earlier this year. Even with Paco putting in good words for Sammy, he can only finish the work at hands and won't be discussing any new work. (

In recent years, Sammy has been involved in various romance rumors. Besides his ex-girlfriend J.J. Jia(賈曉晨), he was recently rumored to be dating Jacquelin Chong(莊思敏). Sammy is probably blindsided that Chau Cheok Wa would put in a personal request to stop him from working. Maybe he did something to anger him?

Sammy Sum(沈震軒) Being Frozen By Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) Due To His Playboy Image? 

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  1. Alvin Chau should speak for himself. Sammy Sum probably angered Mr. Chau because the young female artists at Sun Entertainment are flocking over at and chasing Sammy Sum instead of him, making Mr. Chau losing some chances at getting it on with those starlets.

    1. Great comment, funny, entertaining and so true, I agree!

  2. LOL Alvin Chau concerned with SAMMY'S playboy image? The irony....

  3. Maybe Sammy angered Alvin Chau by hitting on his mistress Mandy Lieu.