Aug 17, 2015

Sherming Yiu(姚樂怡), 4 Months Pregnant, Shows Growing Baby Bump

The currently 41 years old Sherming Yiu(姚樂怡) recently hinted that she was pregnant. Earlier today, she revealed on Weibo that she's currently 4 months pregnant now by sharing a picture of her growing baby bump. During a phone interview with Sherming, she indicated that she wants to wait until the pregnancy moves into the second trimester before publicizing the news. Although she didn't get any morning sickness, she said she was suffering from loss of appetite and insomnia at the early stage of her pregnancy.

Sherming said: "Earlier, my stomach would always feel bloated every single day at 6 pm. I also had canker sores. The worst thing was my skin allergy. After a few visits to a specialist, I am feeling a lot better now." She also expressed that she just had her prenatal ultrasound earlier today. When asked if the baby is a boy or a girl, she replied: "It doesn't matter! I will love the baby no matter what."

Sherming married her husband Alan Ng(吳俊匡) back in April of 2012. She has since slowly easing out from acting since getting married. (

Sherming Yiu(姚樂怡), 4 Months Pregnant, Shows Growing Baby Bump

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