Sep 22, 2015

44 Years Old Joey Meng(萬綺雯) Has Presbyopia?

Actress Joey Meng(萬綺雯) recently filmed a short contact lens commercial. Although Joey doesn't look her age at 44 years old, she indicated she has been experiencing some changes to her vision: "I didn't pay much attention initially. I realize that small fonts get blurry for me when I use my phone to sent text or use my tablet to read."

Wearing contact lens for over 20 years, Joey revealed she insists on wearing rimless glasses to maintain her style. In fact, she's very particular about her vision: "One time when I was going over scripts with the director, I couldn't read everything clearly. That's why I went to have an eye exam right away."
Joey also shared a funny story about her daily life with husband. She stated that she likes going to restaurants with dim mood lighting but it's usually not so convenient for her husband: "He likes bringing me to romantic places. But at the same time, he can't see well under dim lighting. If he forgets his glasses at home then I will be the one in charge of ordering and paying too."

44 Years Old Joey Meng(萬綺雯) Has Presbyopia?

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