Sep 16, 2015

Charmaine Sheh(佘詩曼) Being Two Timed By Rumored Boyfriend Randy?

The currently 40 years old Actress Charmaine Sheh(佘詩曼) was spotted on a movie date with a tattooed mystery man last month. At the time, Charmaine's date was seen holding onto her by her waist. Just when we think Charmaine is finally settling down into a relationship, the tattooed man doesn't seem to be all that reliable. According to a report by a magazine, the tattooed man was caught on a date with a model named Naomi Fung(馮鎵瀠). It is said Charmaine's rumored boyfriend is called Randy. He is currently 32 years old with an infant son.

As stated by the report, Randy met Charmaine at a dinner party. The two were already hitting it off the first time they met each other. According to someone with inside knowledge, the two are so close with each other that Charmaine would let Randy safekeep her phone when they were out together. It is said Randy grew up overseas and he is a very passionate person so he would always send heartwarming messages to Charmaine via WhatsApp.

However, Randy was caught secretly dating Naomi earlier this month by paparazzi. On that particular night, the two were seen clubbing together until 3 am in the morning. They were acting intimately throughout the entire night. Although Randy wanted to go to a hotel with her afterward, he was rejected by Naomi. After talking for another 5 minutes, Naomi continued to say no to him. Ultimately, he had no choice but to help her get a taxi to go home. Does that mean Charmaine picked a wrong man once again as boyfriend? (

The magazine contacted Naomi regarding her date with Randy, she replied back saying they were only holding hands with each other and that Randy never asked her to go to a hotel with him. She also revealed Randy told her he dated a very famous celebrity in Hong Kong. When reporter told Naomi that the famous person is Charmaine Sheh, she immediately stopped the interview claiming she didn't want to offend powerful people in the entertainment industry.

Charmaine Sheh(佘詩曼) Being Two Timed By Rumored Boyfriend Randy?

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  1. Sheesh... is she that desperate for a man? A 40yo woman dating a 32yo man with a son too. Come on...anyone is better than this trash.

  2. Like-minded people attract each other. It's not like Charmaine is a good girl like Grace Chan. She's known for going wild at nightclubs chugging drinks and meeting different guys. That's why Kevin Cheng dumped her.