Sep 25, 2015

Chin Ka Lok(錢嘉樂) Brings Angela Tong(湯盈盈) And Baby Kassidy Home

Artiste Chin Ka Lok(錢嘉樂) arrived at the hospital with his older daughter Alyssa Chin(錢凱晴) at around 1:45 PM today to visit wife Angela Tong(湯盈盈) and new born baby daughter Kassidy. Chin Ka Lok indicated he just picked up Alyssa from school, he said: "Even Alyssa knows how to say her younger sister's name. (Does she know she will be sharing toys with her sister?) My wife and I are nervous about that. She doesn't show it yet but it's going to be fun for us to guess if she will get jealous or not. I consider this as a wonderful journey for us."

Afterward, the family of four gathered together to meet with the media. Even the baby's godmother Toby Leung(梁靖琪) was also at the scene. Angela indicated her childbirth wound is healing fine. When asked if she and her husband will go for another kid right away, Angela said: "That fast? I probably won't think about that for a while." Husband Ka Lok then said: "I think it's enough having 3 females at home. The entire house is full of women. I think I am losing my status at home." (

While Angela pointed out that younger daughter looks a lot like older daughter, Ka Lok said: "The baby looks like mother-in-law. She even has a dimple on her left side." Angela also expressed that she's not going to get angry even if her daughter looks like husband: "That's because I love Ka Lok!" Ka Lok immediately said: "It's only fair. One looks likes her and one looks like me. But looking like me has its benefit too because she will grow up to be beautiful!"  When asked what present did he get for his wife, Ka Lok said: "Earrings! But I really needs to thank Angela. She gave me two great presents."

When asked if Angela will return back to acting in drama series, Ka Lok asid: "Probably not. Kids grow up so fast. It's better for Angela to stay with the kids. I will handle the job of making money for the family!"

Chin Ka Lok(錢嘉樂) Brings Angela Tong(湯盈盈) And Baby Kassidy Home

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  1. Sometimes, genetics can play cruel tricks on people. How can both daughters look like Chin Ka Lok?? I hope they will grow up to be beautiful in the future.