Sep 23, 2015

Jessica Hsuan(宣萱) Talks About The Importance of Yearly Check-Ups

Actress Jessica Hsuan(宣萱) attended the event function for "Pink Desserts For a Cause(粉紅甜品活動)" to promote breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer awareness month. Jessica admits she has a sweet tooth and that she always eats dessert after dinner. When asked how come she doesn't gain any weight, she said: "Well.. I try not to eat too much. I love to eat cheese cake the most. (Have you tried making it yourself?) A few times but they weren't all that successful. (Did you let other people taste your creation?) I gave my friends a taste test and let them teach me how to make it better the next time!"

When mentioned the event is fundraising money for cancer patients, Jessica indicated several of her friends once suffered from life threatening illnesses: "Yearly check-up is an important part of staying happy and healthy. I also go for a physical exam every single year." Regarding work, Jessica revealed she will participate in a concert this coming November and has been practicing singing: "I am only singing old songs but I am still feeling a lot of pressure. That's why I need to keep on practicing."

Jessica Hsuan(宣萱) Admits She Has A Sweet Tooth

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