Sep 14, 2015

Moses Chan(陳豪) Rumored To Be Considering Leaving TVB With Aimee Chan(陳茵媺)

TVB's two popular actresses Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) and Kate Tsui(徐子珊) both decided not to renew their contracts with TVB to test out their values in the open market. On the other hand, Aimee Chan(陳茵媺) is quietly making an acting comeback in Chapman To(杜汶澤)'s new film "Let's Eat!(開飯喇!)" after she was away on a two-year long hiatus giving birth to two sons for husband Moses Chan(陳豪). Recently, she has traveled to Malaysia to start filming for the romantic comedy flick.

According to sources, Aimee's contract with TVB already expired two months ago in July. However, she has been maintaining a low profile approach about the news because her husband Moses is still under contract with TVB. With the rumor about Myolie Wu getting blacklisted by TVB for leaving, Aimee doesn't want her husband to be stuck in a tough position between her and TVB. So she purposely avoided questions about her leaving TVB during an event function not too long ago. In the two years span that Aimee was on a hiatus, she only occasionally attended event functions and filmed commercials for work. It is rumored TVB has been forcing Moses to take on extra jobs to make up for Aimee's lack of work in the past two years. (

In fact, Moses is also rumored to have considered leaving TVB in recent years. With Moses having two sons in two years and paying mortgage for his luxury home, it is said he's spending close to $400K every single month. Last year, there was a report claiming he was trying to start his managing agency with former TVB manager Chan Ka Lei(陳嘉莉) and Tavia Yeung(楊怡) to make some real money filming drama series in China. In the end, the plan didn't work out.

As stated by the report, Moses' contract with TVB will expire at the beginning of next year. So there's a chance for him that he won't be renewing his contract with TVB. Reporters tried to contact Moses about the rumor about him leaving TVB with Aimee, he only replied back: "Sorry, I can't reveal any private information about contract situation at the moment."

Moses Chan(陳豪) Rumored To Be Considering Leaving TVB With Aimee Chan(陳茵媺)

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  1. If I were in their position, I would leave too. No point in staying if TVB is treating you like crap. Plus you make so much more money filming in China. Sure, you may not be playing lead roles in Chinese dramas but you are making big bucks. Look at Raymond Lam, he's not missing TVB at all. Dude is rolling in money like 1980s Wall Street bankers.