Sep 20, 2015

Stephanie Ho(何雁詩) Goes Public With Her Relationship With Boyfriend Wataru

Recently, celebrities seem to like announcing various news including marriage, pregnancy, or even breakup on social media at midnight. A few days ago, Charlene Choi(蔡卓妍) and William Chan(陳偉霆) announced their break up on Weibo and officially ended their 5 years relationship. Last night at around midnight, someone made an official announcement on social media too. This time was Stephanie Ho(何雁詩) who starred in the drama series "Raising the Bar(四個女仔三個BAR)".

Stephanie wrote a long post on Instagram announcing the news that she's officially dating: "It's been two rough weeks since I came back from my vacation. But I have been blessed with a sensitive, loving, selfless, giving partner to go through everything with me step by step. For those who wonder, I have no shame in dating a wonderful Prince Charming like him. Being in this entertainment industry for the 7th year, I have been trying to perfect myself as a so called "idol", but now I see that being my true self is what makes me unique, because well, I am only human. As of now, no we are not getting married yet, no we are not having kids yet, but yes we are both very grateful for each other everyday.

All I ask for is to give us a little more space, I know it's hard, but especially for someone that's not in the industry, and his friends and family, they might not be ready for too much attention. I'm thankful for everyone who cares about me and my personal life, that is why I've decided to open up about us. In the past we have both gone through relationships that didn't work, not because of whoever wronged the other, but because of timing and the difference in values. Today I feel loved and protected by someone that I feel like I can really have a future with, and I do hope u guys respect that:) (ps. Home is very important to me, please respect the privacy of our homes!) ❤️"

Stephanie Ho(何雁詩) Goes Public With Her Relationship With Boyfriend Wataru

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