Sep 27, 2015

Stephen Wong(黃嘉樂) Focuses On Work After Passing of His Father

Actor Stephen Wong(黃嘉樂) is playing a villain role in the popular drama series "Captain of Destiny(張保仔)". Although Stephen received praises from director Leung Choi Yuen(梁材遠), he claimed his character wasn't corrupt enough: "The character will become greedy and lewd later on. He will take advantage of women and become a very hateful character. I hope female viewers won't hate me." At the same time, he also jokingly stated he doesn't think playing a villain role will affect his image: "It's only acting. I am not like that in real life! I have always wanted more acting opportunities to challenge myself."

When talked about many actors are leaving TVB, Stephen said: "We've talked about the matter during contract negotiation. I believe TVB will have arrangement for that. Sometimes opportunity is about timing, I just have to prepare myself to do my best." Stephen revealed he will be filming Lee Tim Sing(李添勝)'s Chinese New Year drama series. He also admitted he was emotionally depressed after the passing of his father and injuring his leg during the filming of the drama series "Captain of Destiny". Stephen indicated he's thankful to director Lee Tim Sing for giving him an opportunity, he said: "I am thankful to director Lee. I also hope to work with other producers in the future. I have more motivation the harder I work. I am not afraid of hard work. I want to try out as many different roles as possible."

Stephen Wong(黃嘉樂) Focuses On Work After Passing of His Father 

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