Sep 13, 2015

Tam Ping Man(譚炳文) Feels Heartbroken Seeing Lee Heung Kam(李香琴)

80 years old veteran actor Tam Ping Man(譚炳文) appeared at TVB city to do recording for the show "Sunday Song Bird(Sunday靚聲王)". When talked about TVB's Pearl channel canceling its Cantonese voice over broadcast, he said: "I can't talk too much about company policy. But my voice acting workload never changed. I am still as busy as ever. I've been working since 9 this morning. I just got off work. I am doing voice acting 6 days a week. (Are are guys canceling foreign movie voice over projects due to shortage of people?) The voice acting department has a lot of people. We have new blood coming in from talent training class all the time. We have so much Korean dramas on hand we don't have enough resources to do them yet!"

Tam Ping Man was asked about his 83 years old good friend Lee Heung Kam(李香琴)'s recent condition, he said: "I haven't seen her in over a year. She's recovering from a stroke. (Why don't you go visit her?) She has Alzheimer. She's always talking about random things. She doesn't even remember me if I visit her. I feel heartbroken seeing her like that."

Tam Ping Man(譚炳文) Feels Heartbroken Seeing Lee Heung Kam(李香琴)

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