Sep 8, 2015

The Cast Of 'Young And Dangerous(古惑仔)' Holds Concert In The US

In recent days, singers Ekin Cheng(鄭伊健), Michael Tse(謝天華), Chin Ka Lok(錢嘉樂), Jerry Lamb(林曉峰), and Jordan Chan(陳小春) held their "Young and Dangerous Concert Tour(歲月友情演唱會)" in the US. According to sources, the concert gathered the most Chinese people at Reno Events Center in the last 10 years. After the show ended, Michael immediately flew back to Hong Kong so he became the target for the other 4 members to make fun of. They jokingly claimed he can't dance and laughed at him for randomly matching different outfits.

Since this was their first time touring overseas, they indicated they are excited. Their friend Eric Kot(葛民輝) also specially designed uniforms for them to wear on their tour. However, Ekin revealed Jordan was full of complains about the uniforms. While Chin Ka Lok pointed out that Jordan has high expectation and didn't agree to the final design until after at least 6-7 revisions. Jordan explained: "We were only trying to have a discussion." One of the main feature of Eric's specially designed uniforms is they can pin a tag onto their uniforms for every place they've visited.

The Cast Of 'Young And Dangerous(古惑仔)' Holds Concert In The US

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  1. I was there! It was such as good show. I hope they come back again next year.