Sep 12, 2015

TVB Rumored To Have Blacklisted Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) From All Future Events For Leaving

TVB actresses have been leaving one after another in recent years! TVB's chairman Charles Chan(陳國強) tried to retain Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) by offering her a record setting salary of $36 millions to stay. In the end, Myolie still decided to leave and rumored to have angered TVB's boss man. It is said TVB has banned Myolie from appearing at promotional events for "Every Step You Take(陪著你走)" and all other future events from now on. Regarding getting blacklisted by TVB, Myolie said: "TVB has their own policies. I understand where they are coming from. I don't mind."

According to sources, Myolie's new agency is already helping her negotiating a new drama series in China and filming will begin in November. It is said Myolie will be making $7.5 Millions RMB for the drama series. Regarding Myolie getting blacklisted by TVB, GME China's Stephen Shiu, Jr(蕭定一) said: "This is a matter between Myolie and her former employer. I have nothing to reply. For the duration of the contract, I will try my very best to make Myolie into a superstar. Once she finishes filming for a drama series in China. We will tailor-make a movie for her next year."

In fact, Myolie revealed it was a tough decision for her to leave TVB after working with them for over 16 long years: "This wasn't an easy decision. Especially with TVB's new direction regarding their future. But I was touched by my new boss's sincerity about what I can do for them. We both believe I can do great things and we have the idealism about what directions we want to go. I think this is more important than money." (

Besides doing so well in her professional life, Myolie is also rumored to be getting married to her boyfriend Phil Lee(李乘德) this December. When asked if she's getting married any time soon, she said: "I just signed a new contract with a new company. I have to prove to them that I am worth the money. So I will be concentrating on work first." In addition, she also wants to clarify one thing for her boyfriend: "Many people are saying he's a nightclub owner but he only owns a very small share of the partnership. He actually works at a headhunting company. In fact, he gave me a lot of precious opinions about me leaving TVB. He's older than me and has more experience. He helped me think logically about what I want in the future. I am lucky to have him helped me."

Myolie continued: "I am someone that lacks security but I also don't want to get stuck in a box. I hope to have new challenges and new coworkers. So I need someone that can give me a sense of security. My new boss Mr. Stephen Shiu, Jr is one of them!" When talked about her new plans with the new company, she said: "I won't be only filming movies. I am also a TV drama actress. I will be filming a new drama series in China later on. The script for the drama is really good. I will let my boss handle the movie side of things."

TVB Rumored To Have Blacklisted Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) From All Future Events For Leaving

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  1. TVB doesn't sound like a good place to work at. Good for you for leaving, Myolie. TVB is just a big bully trying to control everyone. Show them how successful you can be without TVB!