Sep 6, 2015

Vivian Hsu(徐若瑄) Takes Her First Shower After 162 Days

The currently 40 years old Taiwanese superstar Vivian Hsu(徐若瑄) recently gave birth her first son Dalton Lee on August 13th, 2015. As an older mother, she has been enduring more hardships than younger mothers from giving birth to postnatal care. During her pregnancy, she was on bed rest the entire time and never showered!

Earlier today, Vivian revealed she's finally taking her first shower after 162 day! She shared a picture of the medicinal herbs she used for showing with the message: "From my pregnancy to postnatal care, I am finally taking my first shower after 162 day. I... am going to take a shower!!! I am also giving a shout out to my good friends for sending medicinal herbs for me to use for showering. I have tears coming out of my eyes... I am touched...."

One netizen jokingly said: "It doesn't matter. You still smell good even if you don't shower!" Vivian then replied: "For real! I smell sour!"

Vivian Hsu(徐若瑄) Takes Her First Shower After 162 Days

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