Oct 25, 2015

78YO Veteran Actress Apple Ha(夏萍) Hospitalized After Fall At Home

The currently 78 years old veteran actress Apple Ha(夏萍) was injured after falling at home yesterday. During a hospital visit by a reporter earlier today, Apple indicated that she feels fine and that no bones were shown to be broken after an X-ray. Apple also joked around with the nurses and expressed she will attend the November 9th event function as scheduled.

Gordon Lam(林家棟) Recommends Her To Live At A Nursing Home
Regarding Apple being hospitalized, godson Gordon Lam is extremely worried. He indicated he once recommended her to live at a nursing home since she lives alone and he also hopes to hire several in-home caretakers to looking after godmother. (

Falls Down At Home Without Anyone Noticing For Over 10 Hours
After Apple fell down at home in the early morning yesterday, someone from TVB finally found out about the matter after calling her. They then immediately passed on the news to Leung Kin Ping(梁建平). During an interview with the media, Leung Kin Ping said: "I called my master's wife right away. I told her to call for an ambulance and I promptly rushed to the hospital. Her tailbone is swollen. She's still can't move and on the bed. I am worried about her too. (How's her health usually?) She does get sick every once in awhile. A little diabetes. She doesn't even know how she fell."

Doesn't Talk Much About Her Kids
Leung Kin Ping also revealed his master's wife has kids but she doesn't talk much about them, he said: "I know she doesn't have much contact with her kids. I hope her kids will find out about the matter on the news."

78YO Veteran Actress Apple Ha(夏萍) Hospitalized After Fall At Home

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