Oct 18, 2015

Andy On(安志杰) Surprises Jessica Cambensy With Marriage Proposal During Vacation

Actor Andy On(安志杰) and model Jessica Cambensy started dating after filming the movie "Zombie Fight Club(屍城)" together. During a recent event function, Andy tacitly admitted that JC is currently pregnant. Earlier today, Andy finally released an official statement through his agency's manager today that JC is in fact pregnant and that he has successfully proposed to his girlfriend: "JC is more than 3 months pregnant right now. They will hold their wedding after the baby is born so it will probably be next year. Their personalities match well together and they have seen each other's parents already. Andy has been living in Hong Kong for over 10 years, I am happy that he has found his soulmate. JC also thinks Andy is a responsible man that she can spend her life with."

Regarding the details of the marriage proposal, the manager continued: "They flew to Maldives together on October 14th. Andy had been secretly planning this surprise proposal that not even JC knew about.  ( On the 16th, Andy asked the hotel staff to help him set up a tent with candles and flowers. Andy brought out the ring and proposed to JC after their romantic dinner together. As JC began to cry out of happiness, Andy promised her that he will take care of her for the rest of her life. The engagement ring Andy used for the proposal was also specially designed by Andy himself." The two will return back to Hong Kong on October 22nd.

While JC also shared a picture of her wearing the engagement ring onto social media today with the message: "I said yes! October, 16th 2015"

Andy On(安志杰) Surprises Jessica Cambensy With Marriage Proposal During Vacation

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  1. LOL Isn't this expected? She pretends to be surprised!? You are pregnant with his kid!