Oct 14, 2015

Iris Chung(鍾采羲) To Bare All In The Movie 'The Gigolo 2(鴨王2)'

Actresses Iris Chung(鍾采羲) and Hazel Tong(唐紫睿) wore bikinis to attend the filming ceremony for an upcoming new movie "The Gigolo 2(鴨王2-雞同鴨戀)". Among all the girls at the ceremony, Iris's 34E voluptuous figure attracted the most attention.

Film Company Tries To Groom Hazel Tong As A Comedy Star?
Hazel revealed that she doesn't have a lot of sexy scenes in the movie, she said: "I am playing more of a goofy character this time around." She also jokingly said the film company is trying to groom her as a comedy star. When asked if she thinks it's a waste of her prefect figure, she said:" No, I don't want to pigeonholed myself into doing revealing scenes all the time. I will be trying out a different image by playing a police officer in another movie." When mentioned the previous movie "The Gigolo(鴨王)" caused a lot of controversies last time, she indicated that the filming this time is more peaceful. (

Iris Chung Mocks Herself For Being The Heaviest
Iris commented that she has a lot of scenes with her costar Connie Man(文凱玲) but she didn't have much interaction with her outside of work due to the busy filming schedule. She also expressed that she will show off the most skin in her career for this movie, she said: "The bed scene I have with Tony Ho(何華超) is pretty violent and bloody. I was scared during filming too !" She also revealed she will bear all for the the movie. When mentioned if she's the sexiest girl in the movie, she said: "I am actually the heaviest. (How much do you weight?) About 110 lbs!"

Iris Chung(鍾采羲) To Bare All in 'The Gigolo 2(鴨王2)'

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