Oct 13, 2015

Pakho Chau(周柏豪) Publishes MV To New Song 'Chaos(天下大亂)'

Singer Pakho Chau(周柏豪) recently released a new single titled "Chaos(天下大亂)"on October 9th, 2015. Earlier today, Pakho published the official MV to his new song onto YouTube.

The song "Chaos(天下大亂)" is composed by Pakho himself, written by Abrahim Chan(陳詠謙), and arranged, produced by Randy Chow(周錫漢). Pakho indicated that the lyrics for the song reveals his mentality on life: "I try to be at peace with myself in regards to my professional life. I am willing to work very hard to produce result. I don't mind being taken advantage of. But concerning my family or people that I know, I am very stubborn. If I come across a small problem with them, I won't let go until the end."

Pakho Chau(周柏豪) Publishes MV To New Song 'Chaos(天下大亂)'

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