Oct 21, 2015

Vivien Yeo(楊秀惠) Seen Spending 2 hours At Alex Yeung(楊政龍)'s Home

The 31 years old Vivien Yeo(楊秀惠) has always had high standards in her significant other. The majority of her past boyfriends were either rich or influential. Her current boyfriend Yip Shiu Pui(葉樹培) lives in one of the most prestigious residential areas in Hong Kong and has family money. However, a magazine report revealed that Vivien has been having an ambiguous relationship with Albert Yeung(楊受成)'s younger son Alex Yeung(楊政龍).

According to the magazine, Vivien was seen "delivering herself" to Alex during her meal break from filming drama series at TVB. She drove herself from TVB city to Alex's luxury home at Repulse Bay and spent 2 hours with him before returning back to work. Some insiders have disclosed that there seems to be a lot more than friendship between the two

As stated by the report, Vivien has been dating her rich boyfriend Yip Shiu Pui but she's dissatisfied with her current situation. About 3 months ago, she was photographed secretly on a date with Alex and appeared to be two-timing her boyfriend. ( It is widely known that Yip Shiu Pui is very lenient with his money. Since he has been investing money into Vivien's beauty salon business, she doesn't want to cut ties with him just yet.

According to people with inside knowledge, Vivien broke up with Yip Shiu Pui last year but they were back together after a few months. ( However, she moved out of his home and started living in another place near her beauty salon business paid for by her boyfriend. It is said her boyfriend has proposed to her recently. But in order to keep her options open, she hasn't accepted his proposal yet. 

Since Alex Yeung could be taking over his father's business empire one day so Vivien is trying to see if she can make Alex fall for her before deciding her future with her current boyfriend.

Vivien Yeo(楊秀惠) Seen Spending 2 hours At Alex Yeung(楊政龍)'s Home

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  1. Tsk.. tsk.. tsk...Trashy Malay chicken hopping from from one man to another. All she cares about is money. 2 hours with him at his home. I think we all know what she did.