Nov 29, 2015

Angel In-The-Making(實習天使) Overview And Promotional Stills

Angel In-The-Making(實習天使) is a TVB modern day medical drama series directed by Yip Chun Fai(葉鎮輝) starring Tony Hung(洪永城), Eliza Sam(岑麗香), Pal Sinn(單立文), Elaine Yiu(姚子羚), Alice Chan(陳煒), and Chung King Fai(鍾景輝).

A few prospective nurses have been assigned to a hospital as interns for clinical training. A group of nursing students including [Kei Lok/祁樂(Eliza Sam/岑麗香)], [Tang Lai Ching/鄧勵幀(Moon Lau/劉佩玥)], [Yue Yuet Oi/俞玥愛(Jinny Ng/吳若希)], and others have been designated to the "Hell's Ward" to receive intense nursing training from registered nurse [Yeung Chi Ming/楊志明(Tony Hung/洪永城)].

Chi Ming's nickname is called "Death God Ray". Although he's skillful and experienced as a nurse, he has an eccentric personality and a mysterious background. Many in the hospital try to keep at arm's length from Chi Ming. The kind-hearted and the brave Kei Lok starts to become curious at Chi Ming and tries to find opportunities to understand him. Over a period of time, she finds out about Chi Ming's secrets from the past.

However, the strict drillmaster Chi Ming tries to cause troubles and ignites a fight between the students. In the end, these nursing students have to face various challenges and also prepare for their internship exam. So is "Death God Ray" an angel or a devil? And how can these nursing students escape from Chi Ming's wrath to save people and themselves at the same time.......

Angel In-The-Making(實習天使)TVB 2015

Angel In-The-Making(實習天使) Overview And Promotional Stills

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