Nov 3, 2015

Candy Lo(羅霖) Being Denied By Ex-Husband To Attend Ex-Father-In-Law's Funeral

Candy Lo(羅霖) attended the press conference for "Miss Jewelry Hong Kong(香港珠寶小姐)" 2015. When mentioned today is her ex-father-in-law's funeral, Candy admitted she wasn't invited to attend, she said: "I wasn't invited. I tried asking my sons to ask my ex-husband for an invitation and I was denied. I did send a flower basket to pay my respect. (What was his reason for denying you?) The sons said daddy doesn't think there's a need. But I do want to see him for the last time. (Do you feel he's being unsympathetic?) Ex-father-in-law loved my 3 sons a lot. Younger son was talking about grandpa yesterday and we both cried."

When asked if she feels contrite for dressing up to event on the day of her ex-father-in-law's funeral, she said: "I do. But as an actress, I have to put my personal feelings aside and put my best side in front of the public." She also pointed out that she lost three loved one this year including her ex-father-in-law, grandmother, and grandaunt: "We need to treat our elders with respect when they are still alive. I will always have them in my heart."

In addition, Candy revealed she just returned back to Hong Kong after filming an action movie in Thailand: "I kept getting hurt every day. The filming was tiring. But the food was great. I learned a lot from the martial art choreographer. I was playing an assassin so I couldn't laugh during filming. The director was worried that I may break down during filming. He later found out that I am actually tougher than I look and I didn't even need a body double. I also learned how to use a gun. All in all, filming was fun."

Candy Lo(羅霖) Being Denied By Ex-Husband To Attend Ex-Father-In-Law's Funeral

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