Nov 3, 2015

G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) Publishes Official MV To New Song 'THEREFORE(於是)'

Singer G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) recently released a new song titled "THEREFORE(於是)"on November 3rd, 2015. On the same day, G.E.M. also published the official MV to her new song onto YouTube.

The song "THEREFORE(於是)" is composed and written by G.E.M. herself, arranged and produced by Lupo Groinig. The song talks about how we should all learn to be alone and be okay with being alone. Learning to be alone, especially when it comes to relationships, is a key development process in how to be comfortable by ourselves. If you can't learn how to be alone by yourself then it's not possible to learn how to be around with others either.

G.E.M.(鄧紫棋) Publishes Official MV To New Song 'THEREFORE(於是)'

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