Nov 12, 2015

Grace Lam(林雅詩) Files For Divorce After Discovering Husband's Affair

Grace Lam(林雅詩) attended the 'HKBBQ Festival(香港燒烤節)' as a special guest wearing a back-revealing dress. However, she appeared to be in a somber mood due to all the recent rumors regarding her husband's affair. She finally couldn't hold back her tears when she was performing the song "Kindly Let Me Go(好心分手)" on stage.

During an interview with the media, she was asked if she has a decision about her husband's affair, she indicated she has already filed for a divorce: "I've talked to him about the divorce but he didn't have much of an reaction." When asked if her husband has an explanation for the affair, she revealed her husband was full of nonsense: "He said the woman was the one who pushed herself onto him and he couldn't push her away!" Grace cried once again after reporters asked if her husband tried to salvage the relationship: "I am dead inside." (

Grace also disclosed she has been having trouble sleeping due to disturbing phone-calls at night: "The matter started in these past few days." She also pointed out that she will try her best to get the custody of her son: "I just want my son to be with me." When asked if she will continue to work or take care of the divorce first, she said: "I will keep on working and try my best. But it will take time for me to get my emotions under control."

Grace Lam(林雅詩) Files For Divorce After Discovering Husband's Affair

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