Nov 18, 2015

Lillian Ho(何嘉莉) Remarries After Being Divorced For A Year

The currently 35 years old former singer Lillian Ho(何嘉莉) and his ex-husband King filed for a divorce earlier last year. Shortly after a year, Lillian and her pilot boyfriend Gerald were remarried earlier today. The two held their wedding ceremony in a garden at a hotel. The entire wedding venue was decorated with white flowers. Very romantic!

At around 4 pm, Lillian was seen taking pictures with her husband inside the hotel lobby. She showed off her figure wearing a strapless wedding dress and didn't look like a mother at all. The wedding ceremony started at 5 pm and the pair exchanged vows in front of about 100 family and friends.

Afterward, the two sat down and signed their marriage certificate. Lillian was smiling and waving to family and friends, while the groom was so touched about getting married that he started to cry. Lillian and her ex-husband's son was also at the wedding. He was being looked after by a male relative. Soon after, the hotel security requested all the reporters to leave the hotel.

Lillian Ho(何嘉莉) Remarries After Being Divorced For A Year

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