Nov 19, 2015

Michelle Sze Ma Yin(司馬燕)'s Husband Togi Reveals To Have Cheated On Her While She Was Sick From Cancer

The late renowned actress Michelle Sze Ma Yin(司馬燕) was diagnosed with gastric cancer in 2012. After battling cancer for many years, she finally passed away in January 2015. Michelle's husband Togi Ng(吳忠義) was by her side during her entire battle with cancer. According to a magazine report today, Togi is revealed to have been secretly cheating behind his sick wife with a woman from China named Summer Sun(孫君子) for the past 5 years. Even during the period when Michelle was in the hospital, Togi still often flew to Beijing to meet up with her.

As stated by the report, it is said Summer is easily jealous and often looks over Togi's shoulder to see if he's in touch with any female friends. In order to avoid getting his female friends harassed by Summer, he was rumored to have signed a letter of commitment from her. However, after Michelle passed away in January, Togi still didn't want to publicize the relationship. So Summer started going on a rampage on all his female friends saying "They stole her husband from her". Michelle's good friend Leila Chow(周美鳳), Jeana Ho(何佩瑜), and Catherine Hung(洪欣) were all once harassed by Summer.

Leila Chow accepted a phone interview from reporter and indicated Togi's affair was the reason Michelle was sick: "I was shocked when I found out about the matter at first. I was feeling unhappy for Michelle after I learned about everything. I didn't know he has been having this affair for so long. No wonder Michelle was sick." (

Earlier in May this year, Leila Chow went hiking with Togi's family of 3. However, someone thought Leila was being too close with Togi. It is said Togi once asked Leila to clarify everything with his "secret girlfriend" Summer. Furthermore, Summer somehow found out about Leila's mobile phone number and started harassing her all the time. Leila said she sympathized for her late friend Michelle: "This guy is too good at acting. He fooled everyone!"

Michelle Sze Ma Yin(司馬燕)'s Husband Reveals To Have Cheated On Her While She Was Sick From Cancer

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