Nov 2, 2015

Sammy Sum(沈震軒) Contemplates About Leaving TVB too?

Sammy Sum(沈震軒) attended a Halloween event function with Jacquelin Chong(莊思敏). When talked about Halloween, Sammy revealed he used to go out to "trick or treat" with friends every year when he was going to school in Canada. He explained if the person didn't give him any candies, he would step on that person's lawn to vent his frustration.

As one of the up and coming actors at TVB, Sammy hasn't been seen on TV for quite some time. Sammy admitted his contract with TVB will expired soon. He revealed he has been in talk with TVB over contract extension for close to two years now. However, the two sides still remain far apart on several key points so his workload has decreased in recent months.

A few months ago, Sammy was rumored to have been frozen by Sun Entertainment Culture Limited's owner Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) due to his public playboy image. With his workload being cut back by TVB due to contract matter, Sammy indicated he's using this time for some self-improvement. When asked if he will consider signing a contract extension with TVB, Sammy said: "We'll continue to talk to each other. Of course I am also in talk with other agencies and their offers are good too. So we'll see."

Sammy Sum(沈震軒) Contemplates About Leaving TVB too?

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