Nov 16, 2015

Tiffany Hsu(許瑋甯) Rumored To Be Dating The Younger Wang Po Chieh(王柏傑)?

Taiwanese Actress Tiffany Hsu(許瑋甯) and her ex-boyfriend Ethan Juan(阮經天)'s relationship lasted for more than 8 years. However, the two were revealed to have broken up with each other earlier in March this year after Ethan cheated on her with a married Chinese actress. During a recent press conference, Tiffany revealed she currently has several pursuers. In recent days, the 25 years old actor Wang Po Chieh(王柏傑) was photographed entering Tiffany's home on different occasions.

According to a report, the currently single Tiffany is rumored to be having an ambiguous relationship with the younger Wang Po Chieh. He was seen entering Tiffany's home on different occasions by neighbors. On October 25th, Wang Po Chieh was photographed leaving her place freely. While Tiffany was seen leaving her home an hour later. It seemed they were trying to avoid being seen together.

As for if Tiffany is actually dating Wang Po Chieh, her manager replied on her behalf saying they are only friends. In regards to why he was seen at her home, he said: "I don't feel comfortable talking about my personal plans." His manager also said: "Young people becoming friends with each other is a very normal thing. I try not to get involved in his personal life." (

The 31 years old Tiffany Hsu and Wang Po Chieh met on the set of the movie "White Lies, Black Lies(失控謊言)" and the two had many intimate scenes together. At the time, Tiffany praised Wang Po Chieh as a well-mannered gentleman.

Tiffany Hsu(許瑋甯) Rumored To Be Dating The Younger Wang Po Chieh(王柏傑)?

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