Dec 10, 2015

Aaron Kwok(郭富城) Rumored To Have Dumped Charmaine Fong(方皓玟) Before Dating Moka?

The currently 50 years old Aaron Kwok(郭富城) seems to be only interested in Northern Chinese women in recent years. Due to this reason, he has been nicknamed as "Chinese Merchandise Aaron(國貨城)". However, after Aaron broke up with his ex-girlfriend Lynn Hung(熊黛林), he was also rumored to have dated Hong Kong singer-songwriter Charmaine Fong(方皓玟) for awhile. Yet, that relationship didn't last long. He ended up dumping Charmaine for the 27 years old Chinese model Moka Fy(方媛).

As a singer-songwriter, Charmaine can do it all. She also has been having a crush on Aaron for many years. Earlier in 2011, Charmaine wrote a song titled "LADY COPY" with Aaron's name in the lyrics. Since then, Aaron has been following her on Instagram. The two were rumored to have officially started dating after Aaron broke up with Lynn and they would often sweetly exchanged messages with each other on Instagram. ( However, their relationship didn't last long. "Chinese Merchandise Aaron" is already back to dating Northern Chinese girl once again in Moka.

During a phone interview with reporter, Charmaine seemed to be irritated when she was asked if she dated Aaron in the past, she said: "How can you guys be asking these kind of questions. I am not answering! (You don't want to talk about it because it was in the past?) No, I don't like to talk about other people. (Did you guys breakup because of Moka?) Come on... stop asking these kind of questions! I have no interest in them! None whatsoever! It's the end of the year and everyone is releasing CDs. Why not ask about my upcoming album!?" Judging from her reaction, you can probably tell Charmaine is still angry with Aaron.

Aaron Kwok(郭富城) Rumored To Have Dumped Charmaine Fong(方皓玟) Before Dating Moka?

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