Dec 16, 2015

Singer Angie Shum(岑日珈) Shows Off 6-Carat Diamond Ring on Facebook

Singer Angie Shum(岑日珈) has been involved in various negative rumors in recent months. In these past few days, she has been photographed having dinners with business tycoon Jason Wong(王弼燮) at high-end restaurants multiple times. According to sources, it is said Jason vowed to promote Angie by allocating several millions to launch a new movie titled "PG Love Guide(PG戀愛指引)" and assigned Angie to be one of the female leads.

Angie recently denied having a relationship with Jason and insisted she's currently single. She also pointed out that Jason is only one of the stockholders from her managing agency. However, her actions seemed to be telling a different story. In recent days, Angie has been "showing off " on her private Facebook account by sharing pictures of a pink diamond ring, a pair of diamond earrings, a million-dollar luxury watch, and a boutique of flower to celebrate 6 months anniversary. Angie shared a picture of herself wearing a 6-carat pink diamond ring with a comment: "Oh, my pink diamond ring is really beautiful. This is my first diamond ring in my life. It's so sweet. I suddenly feel like I am the happiest woman in the world." She maybe single but it is a given she's being looked after by someone with money.

Singer Angie Shum(岑日珈) Shows Off 6-Carat Diamond Ring on Facebook

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