Dec 16, 2015

Charmaine Fong(方皓玟) Insists She's Only Good Friends With Aaron Kwok(郭富城)

Singer Charmaine Fong(方皓玟) was at Commercial Radio Hong Kong to promote her new song "You Are Your Own Legend(你是你本身的傳奇)". Charmaine indicated she has been preparing her new album "404 Not Found" for 4 years since 2012, she said: "The 500 limited versions will come with a figure. 450 of them will be orange and the other 50 will be black. Let's see who will win them!"

Charmaine also revealed she will holding a live show at MacPherson Stadium in April 2016. She pointed out that she has been having a tough time picking out songs for her concert: "I am thinking if I want to sing my own song or songs I wrote for other people. I also have been busy writing theme songs and preparing to do recordings for my new songs for the upcoming year."

When asked if she wants to change her musical style, Charmaine expressed that there are many styles she still has yet to try. In fact, she wrote her new song "You Are Your Own Legend(你是你本身的傳奇)" when she was riding the MTR: "I feel I should be a social worker if I wasn't a singer. A lot of taxi drivers nowadays get irritated so easily. You can't talk politics with them. I was so annoyed one time that I actually wanted to jump out of the car. So I want to use my songs to alleviate everyone's pressure."

Insists She's Only Friends With Aaron Kwok(郭富城)
When talked about the rumor that Aaron dumped her for his new girlfriend Moka, ( Charmaine insisted she's only friends with him: "I think my creativity is lacking after reading these reports. Although Aaron is very cool looking, good at dancing, he still needs to live his everyday life like everyone else. I think we all need to give him some space. (Do you admire him?) Everyone in Hong Kong admires him. All in all, don't drag me into his matter. We are only good friends that go out to eat every once in awhile."

Charmaine Fong(方皓玟) Insists She's Only Good Friends With Aaron Kwok(郭富城)

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