Dec 22, 2015

Charmaine Li(李思欣) Makes Millions From Her Online Diamond Business

Charmaine Li(李思欣) and Ricky Fan(范振鋒) held a relocation celebration party for their online diamond business earlier today at Causeway Bay. Charmaine said: "Our business has been established for 2 years. The previous office was only a 80 sq unit. We've expanded our office to accommodate our growing business."

Charmaine also indicated that they are expanding because they just received a new round of capital from their investors, she said: "One of our biggest investors recently came to buy diamonds. She said she will invest more money if business is good. Our business focuses on diamonds and we hope to provide premium diamonds for everyone." She also revealed business has increased since they moved to the new location, she said: "We make about a few millions dollars every month. Sometimes one diamond will sell a few millions dollars. We hope our business will go public in the future."

Besides investing in a diamond business, Charmaine and her husband also have business investments in restaurant, bowling alley, and film production, she said: "I am mainly in charge of the diamond business. While husband looks after the restaurant. But the bowling alley business is losing money right now." Although Charmaine left TVB in 2014, she's still currently acting during her free time. She revealed she just recently finished filming a movie titled "The Choice(選擇遊戲)" and will soon be filming another new movie with her husband.

Charmaine Li(李思欣) Makes Millions From Her Online Diamond Business

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