Dec 21, 2015

Complete List of Winners At 'J.S.G Awards Presentation 2015(勁歌金曲頒獎禮)'

The annual "J.S.G Awards Presentation 2015(勁歌金曲頒獎禮)" was held on December 20th, 2015 handing out the first wave of awards for the year 2015 in the Hong Kong music world. The 20 "TVB's Jade Solid Gold Songs" and "Gold Song Gold Award" were chosen by the results from TVB fun voting, public voting, and TVB committee. While the "Most Popular Male Singer", "Most Popular Female Singer", and "Most Popular New Coming Singer Awards" were determined by the results from TVB fun voting and TVB committee.

Joey Yung(容祖兒) won her "Most Popular Female Singer" award for the 11th times. She has been winning the award for 6 consecutive years since 2010 to 2015. On the other hand, the "Most Popular Male Singer" award went to Hins Cheung(張敬軒). While Jinny Ng(吳若希) was able to win the Gold Song Gold Award with her popular song "The Secret of Tears(眼淚的秘密)". Since TVB has the "no show no award" policy, Linda Chung(鍾嘉欣), Pakho Chau(周柏豪), Shiga Lin(連詩雅), etc. all didn't win any awards.

Most Popular Male Singer(最受歡迎男歌星)
Hins Cheung(張敬軒)

Most Popular Female Singer(最受歡迎女歌星)
Joey Yung(容祖兒)

Gold Song Gold Award(勁歌金曲金獎)
The Secret of Tears(眼淚的秘密)》- Jinny Ng(吳若希)

TVB's Jade Solid Gold Songs(勁歌金曲)
1. 《Traveler's Villa(過客別墅)》- Hins Cheung(張敬軒)
2. 《Are You Thin Enough(你瘦夠了嗎)》- Joyce Cheng(鄭欣宜)
3. 《We All Grew Up Like This(我們都是這樣長大的)》- Mag Lam(林欣彤)
4. 《Regretless(歲月無悔)》- Alfred Hui(許廷鏗)
5. 《Long Time No See(別來無恙)》- Jason Chan(陳柏宇)
6. 《Truth(真相)》- Alfred Hui(許廷鏗), Hubert Wu(胡鴻鈞)
7. 《This Close(That Far) 這麼近(那麼遠)》- Joey Yung(容祖兒)
8. 《Sunset Jukebox(黃昏點唱機)》- Joey Yung(容祖兒) feat.Jan Lamb(林海峰)
9. 《We Are All Hurt(我們都受傷)》- Jinny Ng(吳若希)
10. 《It Turns Out She Doesn't Love Me That Much(原來她不夠愛我)》- Kwan Gor(吳業坤)
11. 《Older Sister Kwan(關家姐)》- Jade Kwan(關心妍)
12. 《Knowingly(明知故犯)》- Hubert Wu(胡鴻鈞)
13. 《Surrender(投降吧)》- Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘)
14. 《Sailing(揚帆)》- Fred Cheng(鄭俊弘)
15. 《Young Traveler's Note(少年遊記)》- Ken Hung(洪卓立)
16. 《Cruise Ship(郵輪)》- Alfred Hui(許廷鏗)
17. 《Andersen's Mistake(安徒生的錯)》- Phil Lam(林奕匡)
18. 《Surpass Life or Death(逾越生死)》- C AllStar
19. 《Found The Right Person(找對的人)》- Hins Cheung(張敬軒)
20.《The Secret of Tears(眼淚的秘密)》- Jinny Ng(吳若希)

Most Popular New Coming Singer Awards(最受歡迎新人獎)
Gold Award:Kwan Gor(吳業坤)
Silver Award:Lillian Chan(陳凱彤)
Bronze Award:Girls' Sample(少女標本)

Best Group Awards(最佳樂隊組合獎)
Gold Award:C AllStar
Silver Award:Supper Moment
Bronze Award:As One

Outstanding Performance Awards(傑出表現獎)
Gold Award:Supper Moment
Silver Award: Auston Lam(林師傑)
Bronze Award:Rainky Wai(蔚雨芯)

Outstanding Singer-songwriter Awards(最佳創作歌手獎)
Gold Award:Phil Lam(林奕匡)
Silver Award:Adason Lo(羅力威)
Bronze Award:Jay Fung(馮允謙)

Best Dance Song Awards(最佳跳舞歌曲獎)
Gold Award:《One Cold One Hot(一凍一熱)》Det Dik(狄易達)
Silver Award:《Black Suit(黑色西裝)》- Super Girls
Bronze Award:《Set Me Free》- BOP

Best Revision Song Gold Award(最佳改編歌曲金獎 )
《Knowingly(明知故犯)》Hubert Wu(胡鴻鈞)

Best Commercial Song Gold Award(最佳廣告歌曲金獎)
《Instant Love(一拍即愛)》Super Girls

Lifetime Achievement Award(樂壇榮譽貢獻大獎)
George Lam(林子祥)

Best Performing Male Singer Award(最佳演繹男歌手)
Jason Chan(陳柏宇), Alfred Hui(許廷鏗)

Best Performing Female Singer Award(最佳演繹女歌手)
Vincy Chan(泳兒)

The Best collaboration song Gold Award(最佳合唱歌曲金獎):
《The World is Small(世界真細小)》Joey Yung(容祖兒)、Hacken Lee(李克勤)

Complete List of Winners At 'J.S.G Awards Presentation 2015(勁歌金曲頒獎禮)'

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